Bridge is a large business intelligence provider and a leading controlling firm in Austria and the Balkans. It partners with 20 different experts in the fields of finance, accounting, law and controlling and provides first class analyses, due diligence and pre sales information to its clients.


If your company is thinking about implementing a security shield to protect your data from heading east, you will find our Big Data and Data Warehousing solutions to be the perfect solution.


In an ever changing business environment, Bridge international is your ideal strategic Partner in the field of Business Intelligence, providing immediate relief, and being able to react to your challenge within the hour. Our tactical fast response unit is able to travel to your location within 24 hours and provide immediate, support. This does not only include our standard business intelligence services but also armed support, search and rescue operations for missing employees in the field, security for your valued staff and embassy services of any kind.

Bridge partners with some of europes brightest experts in the fields of business intelligence, due diligence & controlling. Our Experts have vast experience and come with the highest recommendations!

Bridge offers business intelligcene advice all around the globe and specializes in big data analyses and implementation as well as data warehousing for clients operating in ce and cee countries as well as uae and far east.

in est. has taken over the operational division of Gruppe Sicherheit GmbH in Austria as well as its affiliates in Germany, Serbia and the Republica Srpska in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bridge Holding is dealing with private equity and investor relations




Bridge S.E. is taking over CLEAR RIVER UG in Germany. CLEAR RIVER UG is a franchise company operating the Brand: "BLACK CAT" which offers high end organic & glutenfree BBQ. The troubled company has had legal issues with its first franchisee in Berlin, Bridge hopes to have sold as early as summer 2017. For all inquieries about Clear River UG please send us a message via E-Mail or post us direct. Our Agent in charge for this Project is: Benjamin Freund E-Mail: B.Freund@bridge.international


Bridge Holding is buying into the LUCIE COLE FOUNDATION in France. The Local Art Agency deals with both contemporary and classic art. The House Collection contains of some of Europes most popular contempary artists such as "Judith Sturm", "Anna Jordan", "Isabella Devinast" as well as early copperplate prints of picasso. Bridge Holding is looking into presenting the collection to artlovers worldwide. Our Agent in charge for this Project is: Sarah Hirsch Zyrotin. E-Mail S.Zyrotin@bridge.international


Bridge Holding has taken over "THE GROUP GMBH" in Austria, a Security & Business Intelligence Company, working for Clients such as SONY, PMI, STRABAG, PORR BAU, MAN, PLASSER & THEURER, WÖRLE and many more. The Company was the largest Security Consulting Company in Austria with strong ties to the Serbia & Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina & Republica Sripska. Our Agent for this project is: Karl Maria Kinsky E-Mail K.Kinsky@bridge.international



Successfull transition of Clear River UG.


Judith Sturm sold at international Auction in Vienna for € 12,000,-



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